Toby and The Wyre Forest

Toby became quite the intrepid traveller. We had another long weekend away, this time to the Wyre Forest. And it really was in the middle of the forest. Just 2 properties, the other empty, no mobile phone signal and the landline didn’t work. We’d never been so cut off from civilisation.

Here’s the track along the bottom of the garden, it was really pretty!

Toby loved it though, and it was a magical place. We’d only just arrived and we saw a herd of deer running along the bottom of the garden! Our first day was beautiful and sunny, we had a walk through the forest and saw huge ants in a long line, busily running from one side of the path to the other.

I believe it’s one of the largest ancient forests in the country, and host to a huge array of wild animals, insects and birds.

Here’s Toby, waiting for dad.

The next day we took a drive into Ludlow, and instantly fell in love with it. It started to rain heavily, but we carried on exploring. It was our kind of place, beautiful old buildings, lots of little independent shops, and they have a great market. It’s also a great place if you’re a bit of a foodie.

We ended up at Ludlow Castle! One of the most beautiful settings I think we’ve ever seen. Chris went right to the top to get some stunning photos, which I hope you’ll love, it really is breathtaking!

And here’s one of Toby and I….

We had to admit defeat in the end and retreat back to the house, we were all absolutely soaking! We switched on a halogen heater, and that’s where Toby spent the rest of the day, drying off in the warm glow. He was one very contented dog!

The following day we travelled home, but we’d had a wonderful time, even if we did get wet! Having Toby there with us just made it all the more special!

Here’s a photo of cheeky Toby stealing a sweet wrapper!

So that was our weekend in the Wyre Forest.

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now…..

Toby’s First Weekend Away

I think one of the greatest joys of being owned by your dogs, is travelling with them. Unfortunately Toby had travel sickness from the start! We sought the advice of his vet in the end, because we didn’t want to stop going places with him. So he had travel sickness pills, but the vet said he would grow out of it, and he did.

But he’s a pretty well travelled dog, we took him everywhere with us, much to his disgust sometimes! We started off by giving him a couple of long weekends away, just to see how he got on. But as long as he was with us, he wasn’t really worried where he was.

The first time was to Hathaway Hamlet, in Stratford upon Avon. A beautiful little thatched cottage, just a few yards along from Anne Hathaway’s cottage. It had just a tiny kitchen and bathroom, living room with an inglenook fireplace and one bedroom. Toby discovered the stairs straight away! It was the first time he’d ever attempted them, and there was no stopping him after that! He absolutely loved it.

Here’s a photo of Hathaway Hamlet! Quaint and very Shakespearean!

I love these windows!

And of course Anne Hathaway’s cottage….

Just opposite Anne Hathaway’s cottage was a little cafe, with a river running alongside it. The ideal spot for a bit of breakfast on a warm day, just relaxing and watching the ducks going by. Toby was always very good with wildlife, he watched but never attempted to go for them.

So that was Toby’s first weekend away. Didn’t enjoy travelling in the car, and still doesn’t really. But loved being with us, and discovering new places. He’s always been a joy to take anywhere!

Toby outside Hathaway Hamlet.

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.

My Boys

I should start by introducing Toby and Henry. After all they are my world, and everything revolves around them.

Toby is a collie x basset. We met at the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth in October 2007. As soon as I saw him my heart lurched, and even though I walked on and looked at other pups, I came back to the first one I saw. He had taken my heart from that first moment, I was in love with Toby, though at that point he was called Stan!

He’d already had quite an eventful life, born in Ireland, apparently one of a large number of pups. They were found by a lady in field, and eventually ended up with Dogs Trust in Ireland, then travelled from there to Kenilworth.

This was Toby on his first evening with us. Hopefully you’ll continue to read about his adventures.

Our other boy is Henry, the tri coloured basset hound. Purchased from a breeder, in October 2013, he travelled fast asleep in the footwell by my feet. We were really nervous about taking him into the house, we didn’t really know how Toby would react, but we needn’t have worried. They were as close as any two dogs could be, right from the start.

Toby seemed like a giant to Henry at that time, but he was so gentle. From that moment they were brothers. Here’s Henry, not in the least afraid of Toby, the day after he arrived into our world!

So that was a brief introduction, and I really hope you stop by for more musings and stories.

Bye for now.